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Of all the grocery store options throughout New England, there's something that hits different about Market Basket. And it's not just the "More For Your Dollar" savings customers receive, especially in a time period where everything costs a stupid amount of money.

It's the purely New England feel to the stores. It's the fact that the ownership is, essentially, just like us -- every day New Englanders trying to do good things for the region we grew up in.

It's one of the reasons why we all got so invested in the massive 2014 Market Basket ownership war between family members Artie T. and Arthur S.

WCVB via YouTube
WCVB via YouTube

People of Market Basket Facebook

One of the more locally popular pages on Facebook, even though it's not officially affiliated with the stores themselves, is the People of Market Basket page. It's essentially made up of photos sent in by customers that are highlighted on the page, with images ranging from the always-annoying carriages/shopping carts left in the middle of parking lots blocking an entrance/exit, to, in this case, a real-life version of a popular Disney movie character.

Google Maps / Getty Images
Google Maps / Getty Images

Arguably, one of the more popular Disney/Pixar franchises is the Cars franchise. The original film focuses on a professional race car, Lightning McQueen, attempting to make the biggest race of the year -- The Piston Cup -- and the trials and tribulations he goes through to make it.

The movie struck such a chord with kids that toy cars modeled after Lightning McQueen and other Cars merch immediately flew off the shelf.

And, the movie also struck such a chord with adults as well, that some grown humans decided to model their actual own vehicles after Lightning McQueen, as well. As evidenced by a picture taken in a Market Basket parking lot and highlighted on the People of Market Basket Facebook page.

KA-CHOW! (If you know, you know.)

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