Looks like the first real bit of snow is coming Thursday night into Friday. Our friends at the National Weather Service in Gray have given us the chances of what parts of Maine will get an inch or more.

From NWS-Gray Facebook Page:

Snow is still in the forecast for Thursday evening through part of Friday. Although this will likely be a light accumulation event, the first snowfall of the year can take people by surprise and the impacts can be greater than during mid-winter. Below are the percent chances for greater than or equal to 1 inch of snow across the area.

Sanford: 60-70% chance

Fryeburg: 60-70% chance

Rumford: 50-60% chance

Lewiston: 40-50% chance

Portland: 30-40% chance

Brunswick 20-30% chance

Portland rarely gets an inch of snow in October. Do you remember the Halloween Nor'easter of 2011, where some parts of Maine got 20 INCHES of snow?! Yeah, that's not going to happen this year.

Either way, let's be careful out there!




Charlie is tracking it for us on WGME-


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