We got a lot of calls asking us why there are so many firetrucks around the Maine Mall this week. We have the answer from our s=heroes at the South Portland Fire Department:

Perhaps you’ve seen fire trucks over the last couple days at the mall. All shifts will be training at the Maine Mall this week. Crews will be practicing Large Area search drills. If you see our firefighter, stop and say hello!

All is well! And the photos from the training is very cool.



South Portland FD



South Portland FD


The Mall is a great place to do this training as their a lot of empty stores right now. South Portland has about 74 full-time firefighters and 35 or so paid-on-call firefighters.

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So no need to freak out if you see all the trucks and firefighters running around! Thanks to these brave men and women for all they do to keep South Portland safe, and to all the firefighters in Maine for doing what you do.



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