Morgan-the King of Maine Vanity Plates is back with another amazing batch of vanity license plates ranging from the insightful to the outright rude and inappropriate. Mainers continue to amaze us with what they will put on their cars. This basically is their message to the world. More succinct than a Facebook post. And with usually a bigger audience, as thousands of your fellow motorists will get to see it. And remember, in Maine, you can say WHATEVER you want, as long as it's seven characters or less. We're a bit jealous, we would get in BIG trouble with the FCC for saying a lot of things on-air that we see on the highways and byways of Maine. OK, let's check out this week's bumper crop of license plates. Keep 'em coming Morgan!


I like this one a ton. Very cute and fun to say five times fast. Try it!


Like the above Subaru, I like how they tie in the vehicle type to the license plate. Nice!


If you are a Piggo, is this something you want everyone to know? Hopefully just a cute nickname this person achieved along the way...



This plate does bring up a good question to pass the time on your next road trip. What car WOULD Satan actually drive? A GT would not be e bad choice, actually. Ok, happy motoring, you devil!


This is our favorite of the week. Despite all the stuff going wrong in the world right now, it's nice to see people still be grateful for what they have. And in this case, it's a beautiful white MERCEDES-BENZ! Damn, I would be grateful too.


Well, you do spend a lot of time on yours when you're on a bike.


WOW! Love this vehicle and the license plate for the dear old dad you got it from. Perfect!


We do see a ton of AF's out there. It's a great way to shorten your plate but still get the idea out there. I don't doubt this car can go.


I like this one because this is the word I use the most when dealing with crappy (usually out-of-state) drivers. I don't swear, I just say Doooooooood.

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