Here we go again. Another round of funny, clever, profane and often completely inappropriate Maine vanity license plates.

This week's round was found by the King of Maine Vanity Plates...Morgan at Vanity of Maine. Morgan has spent hundreds of hours and taken thousands of pictures to bring you the best of the best.

If you're new to the Maine vanity plate chaos, know that in the Pine Tree State that you are allowed to put ANYTHING on your vanity plate-as long as you can get the job done in 7 characters or less.

There are a couple in this week's batch of plates that took us 3 or 4 seconds to figure out. Here's a nice little wish form a giant black truck


Again with the 4-second delay, but we got it-better late than never!


Well, it is a Benz.


I hope this Lambo is getting delivered and not taken to the shop. Nice one!


Is it an Evil Hyundai on it's way to the evil petting zoo? Sorry for the lame Dr. Evil reference here.


Speaking of Austin Powers' movies.



Here's our favorite from the week. Good for you for putting it out there and welcome to Maine!

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