Lori has been fascinated with hedgehogs since she heard in the news that a Maine Senator is trying to make it easier to own one as a pet. As of right now, you need the same permit for a hedgehog as you do to own a tiger!

A coworker in our office happens to know a hedgehog named Kyle, so we invited Kyle and his owner, Ashley, into the studio so we could learn more about hedgehogs as pets.

Think hedgehogs are adorable and fun? Want to adopt one for yourself? Here's what Ashley had to say about owning a hedgehog.

They're not big on cuddling.

Hedgehogs are spiny and often roll up into a tight ball when startled. Ashley and her husband call it "Helmet Mode".

They require 75-80 degree temperatures.

If you want a hedgehog you'll need a heat lamp and a heating pad. Hedgehogs will go into hibernation if the temperature drops below a certain level. Sometimes when they go into hibernation they're at risk of never coming out and dying. Yikes!

It's not all cute Instagram photos.

Social madia may portray hedgehogs as cute, fun, social pets, but in reality, they're nocturnal and they startle easily. Kyle did a lot of hissing while he was in the studio because he was nervous in an unfamiliar place with strange sounds and smells.

If you think a hedgehog is the perfect addition to your family, Ashley recommends Granite State Hedgehogs in New Hampshire. But please, do your research. Hedgehogs are a high-maintenance pets and you need to be prepared for the responsibility of keeping a hedgehog safe and happy.

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