If you want a hedgehog as a pet, you have to get the same permit you'd need to keep a tiger as a pet! One Maine senator wants to change that...

Oh please, please, please make this happen!

It's actually a neat story on how this was even introduced. Sen. Eric Brakey, a Republican from Auburn, said that the idea came from 6th graders at a Mechanic Falls elementary school. Right now It's a real pain to have a hedgehog as a pet.

He says:

In order to legally own a hedgehog you must have an importation permit and a housing permit. He says it roughly costs $50. These are the same permits that you would have to go through in order to own a tiger as a pet. It’s a tax on pet owners that is not really necessary.


Right now the law in Maine puts a hedgehog and tiger as exotic species. Senator Brakey's bill would make the hedgehog just like a chinchilla or a guinea pig. You don't need a permit from the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

The hedgehog is so friggin' cute! Robinson Copland sent a video of his tucking away in his hoodie pocket!  They have a hedgehog because he said no to a cat!


Hopefully that bill will pass making the hedgehog an easier pet to own.

What pet do you have that's unusual? We know of a little girl with a duck, Robinson has a hedgehog...anyone have a pig as a pet? Tiger?

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