The other day in Portland's Monument Square, a practice attempt to make the World's Largest Italian Sandwich was made. The only issue is, the entire planning process of the sandwich was flawed.

Matt Beach, the president of Cre8iv Company took video of the event. Watch it all unfold and see if you notice the same thing I do...

Well, are you thinking what I was thinking? This isn't a record for the largest italian sandwich; firstly, Guinness (of the Guinness Book of World Records) is absent, so none of this is official anyway... but if they were here I would hope they'd point out that this is merely the most italian sandwiches laid end to end on a table. They're separate loaves of bread, hence: separate sandwiches.

Cre8iv Company
Cre8iv Company

I don't care how much overlap of inside contents there is or if they were all made in one motion from end to end. In the case of other Guinness Record sandwiches, each one is crafted to resemble a regular-sized sandwich, then blown to colossal proportions. The world's largest hamburger is not a hundred hamburgers with overlapping patties laid next to each other in the shape of a circle; no - it's a big-ass single burger!

Don't get me wrong; I love the collaboration of sandwich shops and the free Monument Square lunch for the citizens of Portland... but if the attempt is made again in front of seasoned Guinness judges, I just hope they retitle the record they're attempting to break or rethink the crafting of their (SINGLE) loaf!

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