Starting August 30, the gravy train ends.


If you ordered over 35 bucks in food and were an Amazon Prime member, you could have Whole Food's groceries delivered free. Well, not anymore. According to the Portland Press Herald, Amazon is adding a $9.95 service fee for deliveries in Boston, Chicago, Manchester, NH, Providence RI, and yup, good ol' Portland Maine.

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Amazon bought Whole Foods back in 2017, and it was awesome that they added delivery. It was even more awesome that as a Prime member it was free if you spent 35 dollars. If you've shopped at Whole Foods, you know how incredibly easy it is to spend that amount. Amazon also dropped a $14.99 a month charge for its Amazon Fresh grocery delivery. So it was a super saving because as a Prime member - you pay for it!

Prime members pay $119. Hmmm.

A notice went to some shoppers from Amazon that said in part:

This service fee helps to cover operating costs, so we can continue to offer the same competitive everyday prices in-store and online at Whole Foods Market.

Well, at least you can still pick up your groceries for free. That bit of news was also in the notice. Whole Foods said that the new delivery fee is a 'pilot program' in some cities. Why can't we be a pilot city for some new chicken dish?



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