And you didn't think the North American Wife Carrying Championships could get any weirder.

A new comedic mockumentary blurs the line of this fantastic and ridiculous event with a fictional account.  "Couples of Wife Carrying" is out now on cable and streaming services.

Think "Best in Show" meets, well, the actual annual North American Wife Championships that are held each year at Sunday River.

This twisted athletic competition, where couples compete for the best time around a 278-yard obstacle course, has an even more twisted prize for the winners: The "wife's" weight in beer and five times her weight in cash amount.

Plus the winners go on to participate in the World Championships in Finland. This sounds like a perfect setup for a mockumentary, and director Evan Bochetto has done an incredible job. Check out the trailer. You'll see shots of the real Wife-Carrying Championships from 2017, some real Sunday River employees, and some great shots of the Sunday River area in Newry and Bethel.

Let the mocking begin!


The REAL Noth American Wife Carrying Championships are coming up on October 9th at Sunday River. You can also watch a screening of the mockumentary at the Gem Theatre in Bethel that same weekend. 


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