The government shutdown continues and hundreds of thousands of government workers across the country are out of work, with more being furloughed every day. Many programs that intended to stay open through the shutdown have run out of time stretching their budget and are forced to close their doors until their federal funding kicks in again, meaning employees are simply out of work for the foreseeable future with no compensation.

Atop Munjoy Hill, the small grocery store and quick stop "Hilltop Superette" is doing their part to support locals who are out of work because of the government hiatus. On their facebook page, they announced a special promotion exclusively for those people needing assistance:

Hilltop Superette joins the list of local businesses looking out for Maine's own government employees who could use a hand during this tough time. If you're looking for a way to help out your fellow Mainers, look up your local health care, public education, housing, community development, child care, job training, transportation, and clean water programs to see if they're in need of volunteer hours or donations.

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