Bill's Pizza just announced that they were closing their iconic Commercial Street location. A new iconic place is moving in.


The Bangor Daily News reported that the The Holy Donut will be back in the Old Port once again. They closed their Exchange Street flagship store back in October because of the pandemic. But come this summer, they are back bigger and better.

If you had to get your Holy Donut fix - on Exchange Street you had to be very patient. The line would often go all the way up Exchange!


This store will have more space and a whole lot more street parking. It should be a bit easier to get that treat.

The Holy Donut via Facebook


It was a shock to see that Bill’s in Portland was closing. Here's the good news, their Old Orchard Beach location that's been around since 1949, will stay open.

The Holy Donut also has a couple of other places and they are staying open! The Holy Donut on Park Avenue in Portland, Route One in Scarborough and the Minot Avenue location in Auburn are still serving up a donut that will make you cheat on that diet.



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