Are you having family come to Maine? You might want to clean out that spare room.

Maine Biz reported on a new survey of room rates in the country. Great news if you own a hotel, bad news if you don't want to spend all your money on a place to sleep. Cheaphotels ranked only hotels close to a beach or the middle of the city where they were rated with at least three stars.

Bingo bango! Maine had 4 cities that rank in the country's 20 most expensive to stay at a hotel for August 2022.

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Coming in at #5 in the country was Bar Harbor. The hotel's average rate was $383 for a night in August. Not surprisingly, they also have currently the most expensive hotel stay in Maine. You can get the Peak Level King at the Bayview in Bar Harbor for just a mere $1074 dollars a night. That's for one night.

Of the top 20 ranked, Kennebunkport came in 9th with an average price of $354, Portland was 14th with an average of $324 and night and York Beach made the top 20 with an average of $284.

The survey from Cheaphotels picked from the whole country places with at least 10 hotels or inns, close to a beach or city center and ranked with at least three stars. These rates were based on what was the cheapest available in August.

The only state with more showings in the top 20 was California which had 5 places. We even beat Massachusetts (which has three top spots) and they are home to Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard!

If you want to go a tad on the cheaper side, you could stay at the Crown Park Inn for only $98 a night in August!

Did I mention it was in Caribou, Maine?

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