Everyone loves a good prank right? Well maybe not my girlfriend Michele. She's the brunt of a lot of pranks and teasing from me, but 95% of the time we have a good laugh about it. The other 5% I get punched in the stomach.

You may have heard that the first nest of Asian giant hornets, dubbed "murder hornets," were found in Washington State on October 22. The fact that these giant hornets can wipe out honey bee populations quickly by decapitating the bees and eating them, is what got them the name "murder hornets." Honey bees are already declining in numbers in the United States and they are a crucial part of our ecosystem. The last thing we need is a giant hornet with a stinger longer than they are to rip their heads off.

So back to how I made Michele think we had a murder hornet in the house.

Google has released an augmented reality murder hornet that will show a 3D model of one on your phone in whatever space you are in. Just Google "Murder Hornet" on your Android phone. iPhone's may work too, but I don't have one to verify this. You'll see this.

Tap View in 3D and the phone will walk you through the steps to make a murder hornet appear in augmented reality in your home.

I chose to have a giant murder hornet over the kitchen counter next to Michele's equally giant water bottle that she uses to make sure she drinks the recommended amount of water each day.

Townsquare Media

Obviously that wasn't going to convince her, so there's an option to make it actual size. The problem is when you do, you have to hunt around the house to find the damn thing, but I finally did down next to the floor.

Townsquare Media

Now to send it off to Michele. Here's how the text went:

Michele: Where did that come from?????

Me: Dunno. It flew away right after I took a picture.

Then I kept sending her several pictures of it across the house. I upped the ante and called her. She was visiting with her sister and mother and I listened to them try to figure out how this thing got in the house until I eventually let them off the hook and told them it's fake.

I honestly expected more freaking out than I got, but it was still fun. Give it a try yourself and let me know if you have any better luck then I did.

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