I have never had this happen to me, and it happened when I went to get my usual medium hazelnut - cream only in Falmouth. 

I've heard about it, but have never been part of it before. As I half asleep ordered my coffee, (I got Jen one too) and the paper on Sunday - the nice clerk said that the car in front of me paid for it.


Yup. I was the first car in a Random Act of Kindness chain and I wasn't about to break it. So I bought the car behind me. I asked how many cars had this happened to, and I was the FIRST! How cool!

I just happened to need another coffee later, so I asked about the chain and how long it had gone on:


Well...THAT'S disappointing. So I started a brand new chain!

I tried calling to see how my chain went, but never got through..I wonder how long it went on the second attempt?

Have you ever had someone buy you a coffee or something in a random act of kindness chain? I need to do this more, it made my day!

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