More and more stores are jumping on the trend of the self checkout. It's an option for some customers who may not want to wait in longer lines at the registers and don't mind scanning and bagging their own items. But are there any limits to the number of items you can bring through the self checkout?

I was curious about this since I treat the self checkout like an express lane with 14 items or less. It seems logical to me since the sign at Hannaford Supermarket reads "Self Checkout Express." However, I've seen people go through with a full cart of groceries, scanning each item slowly but surely. It almost defeats the purpose of having to wait in a line.

So yesterday when I went the to Hannaford Supermarket on Forest Avenue in Portland, I asked the cashier at my register if there was a limit to the number of items people could bring through the self checkout. Faith, one of the nicest and most pleasant cashiers there, said that right now "It's like the wild west. There's no limit." She did say however that they are considering limiting the number of items to cut down on the wait.

The self checkout at your store may have its own rules, so if you're curious like I was, ask. Personally, I'd like to see them all 14 items or less since I think most of us using these registers would like to keep our checkout time as short as possible.

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