I first had these when my grandmother made them for me, and for a while - Maine was the only one canning dandelion greens!


Yes. Dandelion greens. The weeds you spend so much time fighting on your lawn...your garden....your sidewalk...your patio. You get it, they're a pain. It's a weed! But in some circles it's right up there with the fiddlehead as a delicious veggie!


The only company that was actually canning dandelion greens was in Maine. W.S. Wells and Son of Wilton, Maine, was canning both dandelion greens and fiddleheads as Belle of Maine. They did it for almost 100 years and just stopped about 8 years ago. They were one of the first to actually can and market dandelions. They also did it for fiddleheads, too, but it was too much. Fiddleheads aren't quite as plentiful as dandelions! But they were the first to can fiddleheads. But let's get back to dandelion greens.

Have you ever eaten them? I think they are incredibly bitter and honestly quite icky? If you ever wanted to try, there are a ton of recipes online.  But I'll never forget my grandmother pulling up weeds and cooking them for dinner. Well, the greens. Keep the flower part to blow on.



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