With Super Bowl LIV just less than a week away, Super Bowl advertisers are actually running teasers for the ads that will run during the game that they paid millions of dollars to create and buy airtime for.

Hyundai published this teaser for their Super Bowl ad featuring Saturday Nights alum Rachel Dratch and Boston Red Sox MVP David Ortiz. Dratch, who was born in Massachusetts, acts as a dialect coach for Big Papi, trying to get him to speak in a Boston accent. That's a tall order for a guy from the Dominican Republic.

The ad was floating around social media Saturday but has since been pulled by Hyundai, but we've seen it and have spoilers. Stop here if you'd rather wait until it airs.

The Super Bowl ad that this video teases features not only Dratch and Big Papi, but two other superstars, both born in Boston. Chris Evans who plays Captain America in the Marvel Universe and John Krasinski of The Office and most recently starring in the Jack Ryan series on Amazon Prime.

The ad shows Krasinski pulling up to park his car with Evans and Dratch watching from the sidewalk saying "He's not gettin' that cah in there," in a classic Boston accent. Krasinski gets out and then activates his Hyudai Sonata's smart park system which automatically parks his car for him.

It's a minute long running joke of "pahkin the cah," where eventually Big Papi pokes his head out of an upstairs window and gives his best shot at a Boston accent.

Look for the official debut during Super Bowl LIV this Sunday on Fox.

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