I'm not a skier. I am afraid, don't like being cold and overall am pretty lazy. But I had a blast skiing for 2 days. A beginner's guide for you!


It's hard not to have fun skiing at Sunday River. They pretty much know what they are doing and as far as 'conditions' go - well, I'm no expert (the point) but I had a good time.

I was scared to death. It had been a couple of years since I strapped on skis. My first run I was stiff as a board and bent over like I was going to pick up a quarter at any moment. But I soon loosed up and straightened up and ONLY skied green trails. Green = easy. Meanwhile, the kids were hitting blues and one did a black diamond! (blues = intermediate and black diamonds = me coming home in a cast)

The kids did ski school all day while Jen skied with me as I went down all the greens. Ski School at Sunday River is the best and the kids had THE best time ever with their instructors!

Meanwhile, I bit it a few times, but got up (eventually) and went on my way. The second day of skiing was way better. Something clicked and it was a whole lot easier. I really enjoyed it. Plus, at lunch I ate anything I wanted because I figured I had been working so hard.

Then Saturday night they had the coolest show at Barker Mountain called the Samuel Adams Air and Apres Show. It was a bunch of former or current Olympic and XSports snowboarders and skiers doing tricks with fireworks and cool graphics!


It was a super cool show and the guys all came by for high fives! Plus, there was a little stand that sold waffles with sugar and chocolate for after!

So, beginner skiers. Here's what ya need to know. Stick to the green trails, have yummy food, grab Advil or your choice of pain relief and if you go to Sunday River, be sure to have beer and a show - there's always beer and a show.

And don't look for me at the Winter Olympics in four years.

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