You know what the worst part is? I'm sure whoever did this thinks it's the funniest and best thing they've ever done. It just really pissed me off! 

We had just thrown an amazing Halloween party for the kid's classes. About 60 kids were here 7-10 years old. The clean up was done, and the place looked great. Jen had out done herself with the decorations this year including a new addition of skeletons...WHICH WERE STOLEN!!

Okay, pretty cool. But not as cool as the one who was hoola hooping!

By the way, every week we repositioned them.

We had one on a pogo stick!

I think my favorite was when they were in a wagon being pulled by a skeleton on a tricycle!


The two skeletons that were stolen were (ironically) playing cops and robbers. They stole a cop and a robber.

When I woke up Sunday morning to get my Dunkin, two of the skeletons were gone! Stolen right from our front yard. I was so sad...mostly for Jen and the kids.

So here's what I want to do. I want to make the third lonely skeleton hold a sign. I'm just wondering what it should say. I've had some suggestions:

  • Return the other two skeletons or this will be you!
  • You don't want skeletons in your closet - return them please.
  • The trick: stolen skeletons. The treat: their return please.

    • Lots of people suggested I say I have video of them!
    • One person suggested the skeleton hold a cardboard sign with a bucket that says: "Homeless. My wife ran off with my best friend. Anything helps!"

    What do YOU think I should put on my sign? Do you think I'll get those skeletons back? They cost 30 bucks a piece....mean people suck.