I was rummaging through a drawer in my camper when I dug deep and found all these phones lying in the bottom. Do you remember them?

Let's start all the way to the right, from 2003.

Motorola RAZR 2


Released in 2003, this was the last of popular flip phones before smartphones took over. You want tp play a game? Snake was your choice. I liked the phone so much that when it was time to upgrade I got the...

Motorola RAZR 3

2 Razrs

I picked this one up in 2005. It's slightly longer than the RAZR 2 and it also had a better camera. These phones were with Cingular. Remember them? AT&T gobbled them up.

Then I got the iPhone 1 in 2007 and hated it. I have no idea where that went.

On to 2010 and back to Motorola...

Motorola Droid X

Droid X

Finally someone was catching up with Apple's iPhone. I loved the Droid X. I even bought a little docking stand that not only charged it at night, but when docked on its side it looked and acted like an alarm clock.

I switched carriers a second time and got my first Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung S-3

This phone was awesome until it went flying out of my hands after the door to the porta potty swung back and sent it flying across the Maine Mall parking lot at Cans For a Cure. I kept it because it still worked and I was determined to get my money's worth.

From there I went to a Galaxy Note 5 and now I'm up to the Galaxy S8+, probably the best phone I've ever had.

How many of these phones did you have back in the day?

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