A little fluttering of green and yellow caught my eye when I was walking my dogs last night. I bent down to retrieve the item and found a dollar with a sticky note on top. The note said, "Pay it forward + $1" with a smiley face.

I've never stumbled upon a Pay It Forward chain like this. I was excited with the idea to be part of something that someone started in hopes of spreading good and happiness.

Jeff thinks the idea is silly because no one will really benefit from the act of kindness. He's not totally wrong, but I disagree that no one benefits. I smiled and got excited when I found the dollar, and if I can spread happiness like that with just a dollar, it's totally worth it!

So how should I continue the chain? Should I split the dollars up and hide them somewhere unexpected? Should I buy a coffee for someone behind me in line?

Help me help someone smile!

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