Ever wanted to roast some sweet 'mallows without getting that smoky campfire smell in you clothes or spending the time to build a fire and let it die down to perfect roasting coals?

On our way back from Bar Harbor this weekend, my boyfriend Andrew and I got into our Airbnb later than expected and weren't really feeling like making a whole campfire. We had brought s'more fixin's though, and couldn't possibly let those go to waste. Luckily, our cabin had an electric coil stovetop that perfectly mimics the hot coals of a dying campfire.

We fired up the burner and stuck our marshmallows on kitchen knives, turning ever so delicately to produce the perfectly roasted marshmallow.

Lou, Townsquare Media

It perfectly melted the chocolate underneath with its piping hot innards, too. Bubbly, crusty, melty, sticky...  Just the way s'mores are meant to be. Check out this picture perfect baby!

Lou, Townsquare Media

Don't worry, I obviously took a time lapse of the entire experience:

There you have it. Next time you find yourself too lazy to make a campfire... head on over to the kitchen!