I love marshmallows. I love graham crackers. I love chocolate. But you combine them and I think it's icky. Plus...that led to a fight over how to roast your marshmallow! 


First things first, happy National S'mores Day! I'm sure you'll be celebrating by starting a fire so you can melt that chocolate on your perfectly toasted white pillow of sugar.

That led to how do you like your marshmallow?  Golden or a flaming ball of tar. Personally, I enjoy the flaming ball of tar. I find that burnt sugar very yummy!

In my very unscientific survey (I asked two strangers) how they like their marshmallows...(both men) - they said golden.


Anyway, enjoy your day of eating the beloved treat. I'll be over here burning marshmallows.


**SIDENOTE**  Another fight. Do you TOAST your marshmallows or ROAST your marshmallows. Argggg!


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