I love blueberry pie. Let me rephrase, I love Maine wild blueberry pie. Big difference! I found a slice that was so good, I tried to track down the baker Cindy!

I was on vacation up in Boothbay Harbor for a few days. I wanted to eat at this place based on this sign alone.


They had me at bait.


The place is called 'The Lobster Dock'. And it was life changing...


One of my favorite things on this earth (that I don't have that often because it's hard to find good ones) is fried oysters. Well...the fried oysters at the Lobster Dock were almost as good as the pie! They were expensive - but worth every penny. So good, we ate here twice! And I had the oysters both times.

Then came dessert. I was expecting your basic blueberry pie. What I got was a pie so damned tasty, I didn't take a picture of it, because it was in my belly before I thought of it! This is a picture of blueberry pie I found...my pie looked way better.


I asked who made the pie and was told Cindy. I asked if Cindy was around. I just wanted to thank her. I was told that she comes in the morning and is a 4th generation baker and pie maker. I never did make it down there in the morning...but I AM obsessed with her pie! Stop giggling!

I am curious though...where do YOU think the best blueberry pie is? And if you say your house, expect me to stop by! I must have more blueberry pie. Let me rephrase - Maine wild blueberry pie!