I challenge anyone to find one faster than this McDonald's.

Not that I'm an expert in drive-thrus...but I've been through my fair share. Basically it's because I'm lazy. I wish all food came through a drive-thru.

But there is only ONE drive-thru that no matter what time of day - it is BY FAR the fastest one.

The McDonald's on Route One in Falmouth.

McDonald's Falmouth new

It's not only fast...it's popular!

There is always a line. And I always think the same thing, 'Ugh.' But I'll be dealing with a real hankering for that taste that's only at McDonald's...so I'll get in line.

And then before I know it, I've got hot delicious food in my lap! This drive-thru is SO fast, that I comment every time I go! They always smile and say, 'Thanks.' But I don't think they realize that it's award winningly fast!

If they gave out awards for that.

I proclaim the McDonald's on Route One in Falmouth the winner of the 'Fastest Drive-Thru in Maine' award. I'm going to celebrate with their fries!

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