Tours of the B&M factory in Portland are rare - and I had the chance to see how the baked beans are made...and so can you!


The building on Casco Bay has been there since 1913, after they moved from their original location on Franklin Street. B&M is all about cooking the beans for a very long time in brick ovens. A process that they keep true to today.

You are not allowed to take pictures or video of the tour. I get that. It's a process they protect and don't want some idiot* giving it away. *me

I was able to get a picture with my tour guide Dave. He's their 'senior employee'. He's been with the company almost 46 years!

It is hard to describe how amazing this tour is. The process of which they make beans, is not only fascinating, but made me want me some beans!

It is so hard to convey the process and the tradition and pride all the employees have in keeping the winning formula for over 150 years!

I don't have to convey this, because YOU HAVE A CHANCE TO TOUR B&M BEANS TOO!

They were kind enough to not only give us a tour to auction off for Cans for a Cure, but they also set us up with bean baskets!

Thank you to Dave, Kelly and Sue (my new BFF) - I may try to sneak back in to see how the Brown Bread is made! They only make those certain times of the year! I feel lucky to have had the chance to see such an iconic Maine tradition...


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