There's no denying that since the election of President Trump that Facebook has become a place of heated emotions. Whether it's in the form of anger and frustration or hope and support, people are passionate about how they feel about the new administration.

My Facebook feed was filled constantly with people on their soapbox, sharing their feelings. Some did it through calm discussion and debate. Others were much more abrasive and downright rude. I just didn't want to see either anymore. So I posted this status update for my friends.

I've had to unfollow a lot of people except for some of my closest friends that I know personally. I'm sorry, but the politics are just too much for me. I respect your opinions and your passion, but I just want my feed to reflect the things I want to see. We're still connected, I just may not see as much of you.

I made a point that no one was being unfriended, just some were being unfollowed. We were still friends, I just wouldn't see their posts in my feed. I would have to seek them out and they could still engage with me in comments and messages if they wished.

Facebook is where I go to see the things I want to see. That's typically things about pinball, video games, comic books, movies and to stay in touch with my close friends. I've accepted every friend request I've received since I opened my account in 2008 so I'm in a unique situation in that I have never met most of my friends. With nearly 5000 people I'm connected with, the political posts were just an overload for me.

I thought this was the best way to deal with the situation. I don't blame anyone at all for posting the things they're passionate about on Facebook. That's what it's for and why you'll see lots of pinball, video games, and general nonsense that I'm passionate about. I'm sure many have unfollowed or even unfriended me because they couldn't care less that I got the grand champion score on Ghostbusters at Arcadia National Bar one time. It's the same for me with the political climate.

So we're still friends. We just need a break for now until everyone starts posting more pictures of kittens.

How do you feel about all the political posts on Facebook?


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