The other day I was gathering ingredients for a pasta salad for dinner and noticed that celery at Hannaford's is offered as single stocks for anyone who doesn't need the whole bunch inevitably turning limp in their fridge.

"They should do this for bananas," I thought, reflecting on all the times I've bought bunches of green bananas, waited a few days for them to start to ripen, then eaten five bananas in three days in a rush to beat them to rotting on my counter.

When I shared this genius original idea of mine with Jeff on Lori in the morning, they exchanged a confused glance and said, "You know you can tear off as many bananas as you want, right?"

...No. No, I have never considered that an option. I know they charge by weight, but I figured you choose the size bundle you want and that's as picky as you can get.

Since researching this online and asking around, I've discovered that grocery store patrons everywhere practice this on the daily. Some only buy one banana at a time, just when they're in the mood. Some buy varying levels of bananas from different bunches in order to plan for ripe bananas all week long.

Lori even opens bags of cost-per-pound grapes and rearranges them to fit her needs.

Did everyone know this but me?! My life is changed.

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