Trying to watch my calories, I sometimes leave the yolk out - and I just found out about the COOLEST way to separate an egg!


When you have to separate the white from the yolk, it can be a pain. You have to crack the egg, then hold the egg in one half of the shell, then go back and forth with the egg until all the white ends up separated. Often times it needs a little help. I've seen chefs (I watch a lot of cooking shows) separate the egg and yolk by HOLDING the egg and keeping the yolk in their hand then chucking it. Gross.

Apparently there is a trick out there that sounds fake - but it works like a champ! It's using an empty water bottle. You squeeze the bottle, point it at the yolk and then nature take it's course! Don't believe me (and I don't doubt you) watch!


So go ahead and make those scrambled eggs with a couple less yolks, and have a blast doing it!



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