The coronavirus pandemic has taken a lot of the fun events away from all of us in 2020. Whether it be fair season, amusement parks, or brewfests, we've all missed out on plenty this year. As the pandemic lingers on, the questions are starting to pop up more and more about trick-or-treating. Will it happen? If it does, what will it look like? It'll likely involve a whole lot less close contact and that's where a little piece of Maine ingenuity comes in.

Shared on the Lisbon Maine Community Page by Laurie Pitcher, check out this fantastic candy chute constructed for the perfect physical distancing way to distribute candy. As pitcher mentions in her post, it's a six-foot chute meeting all the guidelines to keep everyone safe and still deliver candy to costumed kids. A win-win for sure.

The post generated a ton of comments giving kudos to Pitcher for her idea and hoping to duplicate it themselves as a way to ensure that all parents can feel safe taking their kids trick-or-treating. Pitcher mentioned in the comments that she had over 400 kids visit her home last Halloween and wanted to make sure that any kids that visited this year got their candy and received it safely.

Facebook via Lisbon Maine Community Page

So how did she make it? She explained in the comments but ladies and gentlemen, that's ultimately a dolled up dryer vent tube you're looking at. Mainer ingenuity at its finest.

Lastly. one quick nod to Debbie Moon the comments who loved the idea and would love it even more if it dispensed margaritas. We feel you, Debbie,

Facebook via Lisbon Maine Community Page

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