The craziest thing just happened, all because I wanted fish for dinner.


The house is empty with kids off doing stuff and Jen caring for some family...

I was left alone. I did some work and headed into town to do a couple of errands. I stopped at the Hannaford on Forest Ave (the big one). I had a hankering for some light fish. Like flounder or sole. They were closing shop when I got there, but the gentleman couldn't have been nicer and got me some flounder.

As he was handing it to me, he was now on the customer side of the counter continuing to button up the place. He asked me if it was going to rain. I told him it was too cold to rain and he said good! He hates rain.

Because he's homeless.

He doesn't mind the snow...but the rain is awful.


I paused and asked if he had just said he was which he responded,

Yes. But I'll get through this.


I was stunned. It is NOT the picture you think of when you think homeless. I staggered out of their with my bag of fish and didn't know what to do. But I had to do something.

I went and spoke to the night manager Stan. Poor Stan was about to meet a hot mess. Stan was dealing with his own situation with another man (who looked like the picture you have in your head of a homeless man) who was leaning against a wall and in serious need of some help. Stan had his hands full. I told him I would talk to him later.

He insisted I tell him how he could help. I told him about the man at at the fish counter and that he was homeless...and that it broke my heart...

and then I started to cry. Poor Stan. Dealing with a man barely able to stand on his own and then me...a crying customer with a bag of fish in her hand.

He told me the man's name, and gave me the name of another person at Hannaford to contact.

I will reach out...because it truly did break my heart to see this hard working man homeless. The guilt was tremendous - but I don't just want to feel guilty, I want to help.


I will let you know what happens. If you happen to buy some fish...just know that everyone has a story to tell, and some are tougher than others.

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