When you think about your Bucket List of Concerts, who is on the list? Mine is riddled with some of today's top performers from many different genres, including Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, and new country act Old Dominion. Also on my list are some throwback musicians (dead and alive) like Michael Jackson, The Eagles, and Tom Petty. Last night I crossed off one of my old school rock concerts with my dad and boyfriend when we went to see Eddie Money. 

Eddie Money put on a stellar show at Portland's newest music venue Aura. The setlist was filled with all his biggest hits like Take Me Home Tonight, Two Tickets to Paradise, and Shakin'. His kids, Jessie and Dez, performed with him throughout the set and opened the show for him in their own band. He rocked the saxophone, shook his hips, and told plenty of dad jokes between songs.


I saw a lot of feathered hair, denim jackets, and old school tour t-shirts at the concert. I'm also pretty sure that even my combined age with my boyfriend wasn't as old as most of the people there. Still, we had so much fun hearing these iconic songs performed live. It's not fun to think about but who knows how many more opportunities we'll have to see classic artists like Eddie Money in concert?


I'm so glad I got to see the show with my dad, who didn't stop dancing, singing, or cheering the entire show. My dad gave me my appreciation for music and concerts. I'm so grateful for that!

Who is on your concert bucket list?