Summer is fleeting in Maine. In order to seize the short season and make the most of it, I always make a summer bucket list. This year, I want to spend a lot more time outside soaking in all of Maine's incredible scenery and the outdoor adventures that give our state the famous name "Vacationland".

What is on your summer bucket list?

1. Explore Fort Gorges

Fort Gorges is a former military fort completed in 1864. No battles were fought there and no troops were stationed there, but it stands guard in Casco Bay and is a curious sight for anyone gazing over the water. Rent a kayak and paddle up to the shores for an up close look at the interesting structure. Beach your vessel and explore the interior halls and rooms.


2. Hike a Mountain... Any Mountain

The only summit I've conquered is Bradbury Mountain... Okay, so it's really more of a hill. This summer I'd like to attempt any of Maine's more exciting elevations. Maybe I'll work my way up to Mount Katahdin?


3. Tour Battery Steele on Peaks Island

If you love abandoned places, you'll love Battery Steele on Peaks Island. It's an old military fort with tons of underground tunnels and rooms. Graffiti artists have claimed the walls as their canvas to create spectacular pieces of street art. Rent a bicycle or a golf cart, ask an islander where to find it, and start exploring. Make sure you pack a flashlight, it gets dark in there.


4. Try the Eventide Oyster Co. Lobster Roll

There's a reason why Eventide Oyster Co. on Middle Street in Portland keeps earning award after award. Their food is unique and super delicious. They might be most well-known for a different spin on the classic Maine lobster roll. Whenever brown butter is involved, I'm a fan.


5. Horseback Ride on Peaks Island

After you explore Battery Steele on Peaks Island, setup a horseback ride and see the island from a different perspective. Horse Island Camp offers horseback riding tours around the island, just call ahead to book.

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