Whether it's on purpose, or accidentally, I think every kid has taken something from a store. I confess...mine was intentional.


My sister and I used to go grocery shopping with my dad GLADLY, because there was this huge Brach's candy display. It was a tilted display with bins of candy. All individually wrapped. Caramels, mints, all the delicious Brach's candies...

My sister and I would go to the display with our backs to it. Our hands strategically placed behind our backs. Our little hands would then reach up into the candy...and viola! We had a piece of candy! But not just any old candy, the Brach's Sundeas Neapolitan coconut. I LOVED these things...

Dad caught us once and that was the end of our crime spree. Forever. I think I would have rather had the police called.

But it got me thinking, I bet everyone, whether they meant it or not, has taken something from a store.

What was your crime spree?




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