Okay, so you might have heard of a friend swiping a fork or even a glass from their favorite bar before - a sort of "what's yours is mine" unwritten rule for those of us who feel entitled to sharing in bar's possessions after patronizing them with our hundreds of dollars over the years. Have you ever heard of someone stealing something more prominent, like a painting?

Unfortunately, The Hunt and Alpine Club in Portland found out that apparently this happens sometimes. They posted an announcement on their facebook page that a beloved painting of Crater Lake was swiped from the bar last weekend.

Hunt and Alpine Club via facebook
Hunt and Alpine Club via facebook
"This weekend someone stole this painting of Crater Lake that has been in the bar since we’ve opened, and prior to that hung in Briana’s family’s house for decades," The Hunt and Alpine Club said in the post. "It means a lot of us, and it definitely doesn’t to whoever stole it. We’d love it back. If you have any info please let us know!"

The Hunt and Alpine Club staff think the perpetrator took the painting out the back staff door to get away unnoticed. It's a shame that someone would swipe something from a bar, period -- but something with sentimental significance that can't be replaced? C'mon guys. We're better than that. If you know anything about the missing painting, you know what to do.

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