On my walk up from Commercial street to the Q studios at One City Center early this morning, I started to cut through an empty parking lot like I do everyday. Standing in the middle of it, just minding his own business, was a duck. I see plenty of pigeons and seagulls every morning, but this is the first time I had encountered a duck just standing there motionless. For a little while I wondered if it was even real because as I slowly approached it, it still hadn't moved.

Once I got within about 20 feet though he slowly started to walk away, keeping the distance between us as he waddled and quacked his way up the parking lot. He walked ahead of me at the same pace for about a minute before I stopped shooting video, and as soon as I turned off the camera, he took flight and looped around me back toward Casco Bay.

Maybe he took a wrong turn? Who knows?


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