Netflix recently added the Disney classic Blank Check to it's streaming line up. Remember the story of Preston Waters and his annoying brothers? All Preston wanted was his own room and enough money to ride the roller coaster at his friend's birthday party. When he's nearly hit by a car driven by a money laundering criminal, he is paid off with a blank check. Preston uses his Macintosh computer to write himself a check for $1 Million. And the plot thickens from there...

This movie is intended for kids but watching it as an adult I was shocked at some of the inappropriate themes and scenes throughout the film.

1. Adult Jokes in the First 5 Minutes

This is a Disney movie intended for children, yet in the first few scenes Mom and Dad crack a really awkward joke about Dad's lovemaking abilities.

Dad: This'll teach you everything but how to make love to a woman. (Carrying old school Macintosh computer). 
Mom: Hmm, now I know what software to get your father for Christmas.


2. Tons of Threats of Violence

The main criminal's henchman named Juice is played by Tone Loc. When "Juice" realizes the bumbling banker has given the $1 million in cash to a damn kid, he doesn't mince words.

Juice: If you don't cash this check, I can guarantee you there's a bullet with your name on it in this chamber.

Not to mention, a group of three men nearly tossed a child off the roof of a building. Okay, sure, seems totally fine.


3. A Grown Woman Kisses a Little Boy... Like, ROMANTICALLY

Preston hits on and almost successfully lands Shay, the bank teller/FBI agent. After prancing around in a fountain together they decide to wait six years before they go on another date (LOL WHAT?) Shay leaves Preston with a kiss. A grown woman kisses this little boy! Disney, WHAT? It's not cute. It's predatory and really strange!

I tried to find the kissing scene on the internet but it is incredibly hard to find. Maybe because it's borderline pedophilia?

Where are they now?

Want to know what our charming, clever (and criminal) Preston Waters looks like today? Nice neck tattoo, buddy! Turns out he's built up quite a criminal history since his child actor days.

Brian Bonsall Booking Photo
Brian Bonsall Booking Photo

Have you rewatched childhood movies as an adult? How did they change for you?

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