Yup. I had a very busy weekend in Danforth, Maine.


It was Summerfest Weekend in Danforth, Maine. I was up this weekend at camp, and had to stop by. It started Friday night with a chicken dinner to help the fire department. I will think of that potato salad on my death bed. And then...it was a dunk tank, a ton of crafts and food and...

The Shopping Cart Races. I vowed to beat Jen! It was pretty informal, but they were keeping track of who won.

So, the kids did their racing and then the adults. There were two entries...Me and Jen. She was going down and it was all caught on video!


I smoked her! I got on the mic and proudly proclaimed,

This is the greatest day of my life!


The people of Danforth didn't know what the hell to do with me...but they did give me 20 dollars for coming in first! I love Knight's Thriftway. The pizza is yummy, the people are nice and the cookies are the best ever. Oh, and I LOVED winning this race!


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