Dear Broken Umbrella Owner,

We spotted your inverted and mangled umbrella twirling from a Monument Square trashcan just as the mist shifted one last time into full, drenching raindrops.

Your Monday morning is not going as planned, is it? You brewed your favorite coffee at home just before the power flickered, slid on your best all-weather footwear, and for good measure, snagged your standby green and black umbrella from the hall closet before you stepped outside. It wasn't until you made it to the open plaza outside of One City Center that you realized your attempt to protect yourself from the elements with your umbrella was futile. Kylie Queen Kylie Queen

Maybe you spilled your coffee in the struggle. Maybe the umbrella ripped from your hand and tumbled throughout the square before you could catch it, only to find it had been rendered useless. Your umbrella was no match for that one strong gust of wind that seemed perfectly timed for your stroll into work.

We know your Monday isn't going as planned. We feel for you. We're rooting for you.


Three humans who are also struggling with this Monday storm


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