You may have seen this trailer cruising around between Portland and Freeport and wondered, "Hmm. How does leaving my clothes at home save the world, exactly?" Well, you're not alone. When I saw this trailer passing by One City Center yesterday, I had to google the company name "Toad&Co" to see what I was missing.

Turns out, Toad&Co is a company that manufactures sustainable clothing. According to their website, the apparel industry is the 4th largest global polluter and the way Toad&Co sees it, we can either go nude or wear sustainable clothing.

The Toad&Co '59 Shasta trailer is in the midst of the 'Save The Planet, Wear Sustainable' Tour. In a country-wide journey celebrating how communities are chipping in to help the environment, Toad&Co is giving us the opportunity to climb inside their remarkable trailer, complete with an interior made entirely from sustainable materials, drink great beer, and support local organizations working to save the planet. Maine is on their tour map and they'll be in Freeport June 13th!

To follow along and find out more about the Save the Planet Tour, check out the Toad&Co website.

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