The Iggy Azalea sex tape report has taken another dramatic turn.

TMZ has learned that lawyers on behalf of the Australian rapper have filed a federal lawsuit against her ex, rapper Jefe Wine, alleging that he illegally stole material from her personal laptop from when she lived with him in Atlanta, Ga., in 2009. The data included master recordings that were never intended for release.

The suit is in retaliation of Jefe promising the public that he would release an EP of Iggy's earlier works.

The suit also claims that Jefe Wine forged the document which says Iggy consented to handing over the rights to any music she worked on with him. Iggy's lawyers claim that the forgery was pasted from a legitimate contract that she did sign with Jefe Wine.

Absent from the lawsuit, however, is any mention of the sex tape that Jefe has been trying to sell. In regards to the alleged tape, Jefe claims that not only is it real, but that Iggy also gave her consent to have it filmed.

Iggy has maintained that no sex tape exists, but her lawyers have been trying to put a stop to Jefe Wine releasing the tape anyway. First, they claimed that she might have been underage, and then later threatened that any tape using her name would be copyright infringement. But without any admission that the tape might really be Iggy, the Houston-based rapper could conceivably release it since they would have no claim over it.

On the other side, it seems that if a sex tape really does exist, the courts will have decide whether the tape falls under whatever legitimate contract they do have together.

We have a feeling that we are far from hearing the end to this story.

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