Is there such a thing as too much bacon? You are either in one camp or the other. This may just push you over the bacon edge: Bacon Wrapped Grilled Cheese!

It's easy and oh so fun!

Lay 5 strips of bacon in a row and place a cheese sandwich (bread, cheese, bread) in the middle of the bacon strips. Wrap the bacon strips around the sandwich, all in the same direction. Lay 5 more strips of bacon in a row and fold over the sandwich, perpendicular to the last 5 strips. Sear both sides in a hot pan until bacon is cooked, around 5–7 minutes per side. Slice open and enjoy!


Okay...who's gonna try it? Went to Oxford Casino recently and was chatting (over lunch) with the marketing genius Matt Gallagher and he said that he asked the chef at Oxford to make it! No, it won't be added to the menu. Yes, it was life changing.


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