After a bit of a delay, the Maine DOT has now turned on a traffic light installed at an intersection in Windham, but some drivers are not paying attention.

In October of 2020, The Maine DOT started installation of the traffic light at the intersection of Route 202 and Falmouth Road in response to a high crash rate. On-Site Auto Glass sits right at the intersection at 700 Gray Road (202) and they have been witness to the majority of accidents where they say 99.9% of them were caused by drivers entering from Falmouth Road. They likely either failed to stop or were not able to judge the speed of traffic on Route 202.

According to the Windham Eagle, the intersection qualified as a "high-crash" location due to having eight or more crashes over three years.

The new traffic light was supposed to be working by December 31 but got delayed after a contractor installed inadequate parts that had to be replaced. Those parts have now been installed and the traffic light went into service last week, but that's news to a lot of drivers.

There have been lots of reports on social media of drivers blowing right through a red light because they were unaware that suddenly there was a traffic light there, despite message signs on Route 202 warning drivers that the new traffic light has been activated.

Keep yourself safe by being a defensive driver and if approaching a green light at the intersection, proceeded with caution. Don't assume the drivers entering from the opposite road will stop just yet.

The speed limit on Route 202 is 50 mph at the intersection, which means a lot of drivers go at least 10 mph faster than that which is a recipe for disaster if drivers are not careful.

Hopefully, they'll catch on sooner than later.

Now that this project is done Maine DOT, can we put a traffic traffic light at Albion Road and Route 302? You know, where you can wait for days to cross?

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