Why should all the fun games in a pool be for kids? Casco Bay Sports has openings for Inner Tube Water Polo and judging by this video, it looks wicked fun! If you like a good workout and some fun competition, this is the game for you.

Co-ed teams of eight and of all abilities are formed and the rules are pretty simple. Four, eight minute quarters are played and you have to maneuver around the pool with the ball and try throw it in the goal. Men's goals are 1 point, women's are 2 points. Don't play dirty though. You can't splash your opponents in the face and you can't grab the ball if someone has it. You can only pick it up out of the water, which doesn't appear to be as easy as you might think.

A new league starts on March 6 at Cape Elizabeth High School. Players must be 21+. All the info is at the link below, so if you think you and your friends have what it takes to be the next inner tube water polo champions, get a team together and get ready to get wet!

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