It could happen to any pet owner. You open the door to let your pet in or out and seemingly out of nowhere another animal sneaks in by you.

This happened to Willa Wirth who lives on Munjoy Hill in Portland. According to Central Maine News, she let her 6-month-old puppy, Tommy, out and noticed that he was acting strangely. Before she knew it the skunk snuck by the young pup in the house and, as you can imagine, all hell broke loose.

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Real-life Pepé Le Pew scurried around Wirth's home for two grueling hours. The skunk first sprayed Tommy in the mouth, then sprayed the couch, before moving to the stairs, and Wirth's desk.

Wirth tried everything she could think of to get the skunk out. She attempted to lure the creature out with carrots and peanut butter as well as funnel him into a trash can. She eventually realized she couldn't get the skunk out on her own and feared he was rabid so she enlisted the help of Portland PD.

All in all the skunk racked up approximately $1,000 in damages and cleaning bills for Wirth. Fortunately, the skunk was not rabid.

So let this be a lesson to pet owners, always be on alert to other furry friends/enemies who may try to sneak into your home!

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