It's been two weeks now since the Time and Temperature sign stopped working and people are wondering what's going on.

Back on July 16th at 10:35 AM. How do we know? Because we noticed on July 17th that It continued to show the time and temp, but it was locked into 10:35 and 78 degrees.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

According to WMTW, which used to have studios in the Time and Temperature Building, a communications cable that runs from the computer software that controls the sign and up to the top of the building somehow stopped sending the signal.

The sign was supposed to be fixed on the 24th but almost a week later it is still cycling in test mode, where all the bulbs for each alpha-numeric segment light up in sequence.

The building was bought in October of last year after it had been in foreclosure and as we look at it from our windows here at One City Center, it looks like it's pretty much empty.

We're hoping that soon the sign can come back to life. Sure, we can find the time and temperature on our phone with a glance, but there's something purely Portland about the time and temp sign that we're really missing right now.

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