I can't be alone in my refusal to drink the last sips of a drink.



This is the last bit of a beer I had. I can't finish it. It's warm...and well, it's just icky. I think the last of any drink is icky. It's not the same as the first fresh sips. I'm not one to down a drink when it's all yummy.

Some think I'm crazy. In fact, the two I was with when this end of beer was left, thought i was insane. One of them even finished my drink for me! What? That's crazy.

So the important life changing question is - do YOU leave the last inch or so of YOUR drink? Are you a member of the clean glass club?  Or do you also think that the last part of your beer, or soda, or whatever is..well, for a lack of a better work - icky?

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