This can't be a coincidence can it? I've seen two of these signs in the past month that aren't displayed with the arrow at the top of the sign as you'd expect.

The first one is on Mill Hill Road in Waterford. It never used to be like this until recently. At first you think it's been vandalized, but when you look closely it's bolted to the post. If it wasn't done this way by the DOT or town public works, then whoever vandalized it took their time with it.

Mill Hill Road

The stop sign that the sign warns about is at the bottom of the hill, so maybe it's displayed this way to let drivers know that it's down? I have no idea.

The this one is on Range East Road in Newfield Maine. It too is bolted to the post. The stop sign it warns about is at a sharp right turn at the end of the road, so I thought it might have been displayed that way for that reason. Recently however it was change back to normal to show the arrow at the top.

Stop Ahead Limerick

So what gives? Any ideas? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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