Every summer, people flock to Maine for a variety of reasons. Those reasons could be the coastal comfort, the vast stretches of wilderness, or just to enjoy the terrific restaurants throughout the state.

But with so many visitors piling into Maine each year, some of them will inevitably be left feeling unimpressed. Maybe the place didn't meet their expectation, the hustle and bustle was more than they bargained for, or the meals just didn't sit right. You can't please everyone all of the time.


That's why when you hear about something in Maine being overrated, it's best to hear the reason(s) and make your own conclusion. And wouldn't you know, the lifestyle blog Cheapism has determined that the lobster roll is the most overrated food item in the entire northeast region.

Some of what Cheapism says about lobster rolls isn't exactly wrong. Cheapism claims that if you visit Maine in the summer, lobster rolls are literally everywhere, from fast food chains to high-end restaurants. That much is true.

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Google Street View

But it's also hard to imagine visiting other states where one particular food item is a signature and not finding it featured on restaurant menus everywhere. It's simply a given.

Cheapism had another clear complaint: that lobster rolls have become overpriced while the quality doesn't match the upcharge. There's some validity to that statement as well. But not all burgers or fries or salads are created equal. The same applies to lobster rolls.

This isn't the first time the lobster roll has been called overrated. A prominent food critic in New York deemed the lobster roll wildly overrated nearly a decade ago. That food critic penned that "even good lobster rolls are always a disappointment".

Are Maine lobster rolls overrated? Maybe. But Maine seafood shouldn't be. It's elite, and absolutely worth the price.

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